Boatport Dry Stack Marina Rates


These rates are effective as of May 1st 2010

ALL INCLUSIVE RATE OF $21.00 per foot, per month
Includes Unlimited, On Demand Launching / Hauling 7 Days a Week during Daylight Hours, with a Fresh Water Hull Wash Down Before Your Boat is Stored in the Dry Stack Rack.

Annual Pay

Pre Pay 12 months and get the 13th month FREE!


Services Offered:

  • Wash Down Decks and Cabin
  • Boat Refueling
  • Stocked Cooler with Ice
  • Deliver/Pick-Up boat (from and to another location) *2 men are required to pick up your boat.
  • Unlimited Boat Launching and Hauling
  • 'Step Aboard' Boating. Just telephone ahead with your departure time and
    your boat will be launched and tied up to the floating docks awaiting your arrival.
    Give the operator an approximate time for your return and your boat will
    be hauled out, washed down with fresh water and returned to its berth in the rack.
  • Lower Insurance rates available from BF&M Insurance Ltd while a full time customer at the Boatport.


General Labour Rate: $65.00 Per Hour


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* Prices are subject to change without prior notice.